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Everything you need to customize the header of your online store.


There are two options for your stores logo. You can have either a text or image logo.

To set your image logo, you need to upload your logo, or select from your image library.

Once uploaded, you can set the width of your logo (in pixels), and the padding around your logo. The padding will set the amount of blank white space surrounding your logo, and can be used to set your logo in 'more space'.

'Logo placement' determines if you logo is placed 'within' the header, or below it.

If you are placing the logo within the header, you will need to either use a 'transparent PNG' if you have a background color, or change the background color of the 'Header/footer' in the colors section.


The Top bar menu sets an (optional) menu in the top left of the header.

The Main menu sets the (optional) menu above the slider.