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Text over image

Add an image to your home page, with optional text/link showing over the image.

You can upload an image, or select from your library, using the 'Image' selector at the top of the section settings.

'Enable parallax effect' allows you to enable the 'parallax' effect. This works better on taller images, and will give the effect of the image moving slightly slower behind your site. It's best to test our the effect using the editor, to see if its going to work for your store.

You can add text, which can include bold and italic using the 'Text' box.

The 'Image alignment' allows you to chose whether the top, middle, or bottom of your image is shown.

You can choose the height of your box using the 'Section height' selector. It's best to ensure any text entered below, as well as any links, can still be seen.

You can set the width of the image to either 'Full width', which will display the slideshow the full width of your site, or 'Fixed' which will display the image at the general width of your site.

You can add an optional button to your image by filling in both the 'Button label', and the 'Button link'. The button itself won't show until both of these fields have been filled out.