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Change the fonts, colors and styles for all typography on your site.


You can choose from a selection of Serif, Sans-serif, cursive and monospace fonts. The best way to test them out is in the theme editor itself, allowing you to see changes live.

'Style' refers to the style of the headers throughout your site, and you can choose from:

Diagonal background sets the text to the left, and shows a diagonal background behind all headers.

Minimal centers the text, and adds a dotted underline to any heading text.

Full width linethrough centers the text, and has a full width line going behind the text.

Body text

You can choose from a range of body text fonts, selected by our design team, to maximise readability.

The 'Base size' of the text sets the size of (most) of the text on the site. In some cases we use slightly smaller/larger text in sub-headings etc. But based on your font choice, you might want to increase or decrease the base size of the font.


You can choose both the 'Base size' and 'Menu case' of the navigation blocks at the top of the site. There is the option for two menus, but depending on your settings there may only be one (or none!).

You can also remove the menu border from around the main menu (below the header).

Site title

If you are using a font based menu, you can set the size and style of the text here.


If you are using a popup on your site, you can change the 'Header text size' and 'Description text size' here. Remember, you can also change the colors in the 'Color' section of your General settings.