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Change the fonts and styles for all typography on your site.


Having the right font on your site, in combination with a deliberate tone of voice provides added depth to your brand’s identity.

Your language and font choice helps build up an image in the customer’s mind of the way you operate as a business and go about fulfilling the needs of that customer.

A simple analogy is that your theme is your building’s architecture and your content (font, tone of voice etc.) is your choice of interior design.

In essence, your theme provides the sturdy framework and premium functionality and your site can then be dressed up even further, tailored perfectly to suit your niche market and target audience. We’ll show you how to make all adjustments to your font, in this guide.

How do I get started?

Firstly, head to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes
  3. Theme Settings
  4. Typography

You will see you have the following options:


This is the text that appears at the top of most sections on your storefront.

Font -

Choose from a selection of serif, sans-serif, cursive and monospace fonts.

Style -

This refers to the style of the headings throughout your site, and you can choose from.

Diagonal background sets the text to the left, and shows a diagonal background behind all headings.

Headings: diagonal background

Minimal centers the text, and adds a dotted underline to any heading text.

Headings: minimal

Full width linethrough centers the text, and has a full width line either side of the text.

Headings: full width linethrough

Feature underline simply underlines the text itself.

Headings: feature

Base size -

This slider sets the size for the text under your heading title:

Headings: base size slider

Body Text

Font - Choose from a range of body text fonts, selected by our design team, to maximise readability.

Base size - This slider sets the size for the majority of text on your site. In some cases we use slightly smaller / larger text in sub-headings etc. But based on your font choice, you might want to increase or decrease the base size of the font.

Base size -

This changes your main navigation menu’s text size.

An example of 16px:

Navigation: example of 16px

An example of 12px:

Navigation: example of 12px

Menu case -


Navigation: uppercase


Navigation: lowercase

Normal case:

Navigation: normal case

Enable menu border -


Navigation: menu border off


Navigation: menu border on

‘Add to cart’ Buttons

Size -

An example of the minimum 14px:

‘Add to cart’ Buttons: example of the minimum 14px

An example of maximum 20px:

‘Add to cart’ Buttons: example of the minimum 20px

Button case -


‘Add to cart’ Buttons: uppercase


‘Add to cart’ Buttons: lowercase

Normal case:

‘Add to cart’ Buttons: normal case

If you are using a font based logo, as opposed to a picture logo, you can set the size and style of the text here.

Size -

An example of the minimum 10px:

Site Title (logo): example of the minimum 10px

An example of maximum 72px:

Site Title (logo): example of maximum 72px

Style -

Choose from normal, bold or italic.

Heading size - Choose a value between 10px and 72px

Text size - Choose a value between 10px and 32px

Popup: text size

How do I use custom fonts on my site?

This can be done - here is a link which explains more:

These are the most common methods of implementing custom fonts: