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How can I update my theme?

When should you update? Is it free? Will you lose every change you made? Your questions answered.


Your theme has been designed and developed with the very best features and functionality in mind. We are continuously working behind-the-scenes on updates containing additional options and customisation area settings. We make these updates available when they are fully tested and able to impact your store in the most positive way.

Do I have to pay for my theme updates?

No. Once you purchase the theme, all updates are free.

What will my theme update contain?

Theme updates are always purely feature based (along with bug fixes) and do not contain anything of a critical nature (security etc.).

They aim to increase the toolset at your disposal to strengthen your store’s ability to convert customers into sales.

When should I update my theme?

We do not have set release dates for updates. However, for total transparency, we list all alterations in our ‘changelogs’. You can then make a fully informed decision regarding if and when you feel these additions to be necessary for your own store, before installing:

View our theme changelogs here:

Envy - docs.wetheme.com/envy/changelog
Flow - docs.wetheme.com/flow/changelog

To update to the most recent version of your theme, you can follow this guide:



There are no automatic installations of updates, as any changes you have made to your coding would be overwritten. This is a Shopify platform-wide limitation and is not theme-specific.

For additional help relating to the installation process itself, we would recommend speaking with Shopify directly.


Theme updates are free, as long as you use the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase your theme. If you purchased your theme through our website and not via the Shopify Themes store and are looking to obtain the latest version of your theme, just send us a message stating the following and we will be happy to send you a direct link to access your theme update:

  • Theme name
  • MyShopify.com URL
  • Email address used when making your theme purchase
  • Order number

Will any changes I have made be overwritten?

It is important to keep in mind that any custom coding that has been added up to this point will be overwritten if you were to install a fresh update. App code snippets may also need to be added back in. Products and content however should be unaffected.

There is an app for added peace of mind when it comes to Theme installation and updates:



If there is anything you feel would increase your stores functionality and be of benefit to you in the long-run, we are always super-happy to hear your suggestions. This feedback will then be added to our feature requests list and be considered by our developers for future builds.

Theme licensing

It is important to note that a paid theme can only be used with one store as outlined here:


For more information review section 10 'Theme Store' within the Terms of Service.

If you are closing your first store and want to move a paid theme over to a new store, contact Shopify support who will be happy to help you out and provide further clarification: