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Featured collection

Showcase products from a single collection on your store's home page.


Displaying hand-picked items in a collection of their own focuses the customer’s attention, encouraging more in-depth engagement. Use this section to present your finest products. If you are running a promotion, or need to raise awareness for any other reason for a specific group of products, this section can be very beneficial.



Adjust your section’s heading by editing the 'heading' text entry field. This is plain text, so does not include bold or italic.


This is not a required field, so if you prefer not to have a heading, just leave the box blank.

Show vendor

Toggle between visible:

and hidden:

Hover effect

Set the effect when a customer 'hovers' over a product image. As there isn't a 'hover' on mobile devices, this only works on desktops.



Show second product image:


Choose the individual collection you wish to showcase. The products will be pulled in from the collection you select.


Remember, you can always make a new collection just for this section.

Products per row

Choose 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 products per row:

Here's an example of 4 products per row:


Choose between 1-5 rows using the slider.

Show "view all" button

This toggles the visibility of the “view all” button which allows customers to jump through to the collection’s own page.

View all button set to visible:

View button toggled to hidden:

Auto-height images

Auto-height uses mathematics to align images as best as possible when they are not formatted exactly in the same way.

In general, this is a very quick, effective method, however, the only true way of achieving perfect alignment is to make sure all images are the same size and aspect ratio before uploading them.


Our help guide is a great resource for image sizing:

You are now a featured collections whizz! Use your new knowledge to your advantage and show off your best products :-)