Home Flow Changelog


All the public releases of Flow, outlining bug fixes, theme updates and new features.

Version 11.4.4 26th October 2018

  • jQuery error on password page fixed

Version 11.4.3 25th October 2018

  • Single option variants (hide when not default title)
  • Variant images switching on mobile - Needs to fix on demo sites
  • jQuery - Conflict minimisation, and update/CDN removal

Version 11.4.2 15th October 2018

  • Added translation into AJAX cart (placeholder)
  • Fixed tag filtering in vendor collection template
  • Removed unneeded 'assets/password-backup.scss' file
  • Settings language changes to better clarify functionality
  • Updated slider link setting

Version 11.4.1 11th July 2018

  • Added a 'Social share image'
  • Added options to allow changes to the 'Color schemes' in the theme settings
  • Margin added when multiple paragraphs in 'Rich text' and 'Image and text' sections
  • Increased 'max height' of product images on collection pages
  • Fixed popup images that were sometimes being stretched
  • Ensured all home page buttons used the 'Button' colors/styling
  • Updated blog date format
  • Optimised home page animation

Version 11.4 3rd July 2018

  • Hero block - added a text animation (if enabled)
  • New dropdown menu alignment option
  • Sold out not showing on collection-list template
  • Floating product details sometimes 'overriding' (rejigged JS call order)
  • Reduced excessive side padding on mobile 'announcement bar'
  • Fixed 'Enable social sharing' checkbox (on popup)
  • Payment icons
  • Improved Slideshow settings
  • Preset changes
  • Transparent header - Currency display improvements
  • Header padding when white/transparent
  • Popup images - Code improvements

Version 11.3 19th June 2018

  • Collection page - Added image padding/margin
  • 'Transparent header' option
  • Show 2nd image on hover now fixed when only one image
  • 'Sold out' text no longer duplicated in 'Related products'
  • iPad dropdown navigation fix (on certain iOS versions, in landscape)
  • Incorrect color scheme in settings JSON
  • Hero - Side images now span full width of sidebar (in all circumstances)
  • Center 'Tag' dropdown, on mobile, when only one is showing
  • Popup background color now updating across options
  • GDPR changes - Rich text now on password page
  • Bottom footer improvements (ready for new payment icons)
  • Dropdown improvements - Speed and animation improvements
  • Product thumbnails - Code re-written for speed
  • Slight fadein on 'Image with text overlay' sections
  • Hide empty collections on 'collections/all'
  • Flow preset changes - Changed header, font and product options for Queenstown
  • Better integration for Shopify Product Reviews
  • Thumbnail padding - padding now added below to standardise layout
  • Smart payment buttons - CSS styles now nested to ensure theme code overwrites injected code

Version 11.2 6th June 2018

  • Sold out background color option
  • Added option to remove animations
  • Added option to enable 'social sharing' on product pages
  • Product page title size
  • Added option to remove animations
  • Added option to enable 'social sharing' on product pages
  • Featured products description padding
  • Custom HTML padding removal
  • Reduce video text size on mobile
  • Remove extra padding on product pages (on last image)
  • Image with text overlay - Removed extra spacing when no text
  • Remove 'header font' from announcement bar section
  • Product page spacing improvements
  • Search drawer improvements - Now field is 'enabled' on click

Version 11.1 30th May 2018

  • New font choices! Over 100 new fonts are now available to choose through the theme editor

Version 11.0.15th April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' Added ID to product form, not wrapper DIV
  • Vendor now links to the vendor page on Product page templates

Version 11 3rd April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' functionality
  • Instagram improvements
  • Password page CSS fix

Version 10 22nd February 2018

  • 'LazyLoad' images functionality

Version 1.1.6 15th October 2016

  • Now allows a 700px (instead of 500px) on hero image

Version 1.1.5 20th September 2016

  • Improved layout of cart (not AJAX) on mobile

Version 1.1.4 15th September 2016

  • Fixed Hero advert link

Version 1.1.2 6th September 2016

  • Changed fonts for Byron

Version 1.1.1 2nd September 2016

  • Added ability to add links to homepage image

Version 1.1 1st September 2016

  • Changed H* tags to ensure theme adheres to a11y

Version 1.1 1st September 2016

  • Changed H* tags to ensure theme adheres to a11y
  • Fixed Pinterest image not sharing from article pages

Version 1.0.1 18th August 2016

  • Added 'Onboarding' Features to Homepage

Version 1 11th August 2016

  • Initial Release