Control all of the color options of your store, including backgrounds, buttons and popups.


The 'Text' color is the color of all text on the site, aside from any links, which is set below.

The 'Links' color sets all of the link colors. The buttons are set separately below.

You can also set both the 'Background' which refers to the page background, and the 'Secondary background' which is set on homepage blocks that are full width.


You can set the links and icons (search, account and cart) separately for the header.


There are four settings for the button colors:

Button background - The background of the entire button
Button text - The text color of the button
Button background hover - The background of the entire button once hovered by a visitor
Button text hover - The color of the text once hovered by a visitor


If you are using the 'Hero' block you can set the 'Advert background' and 'Advert text' here, as well as the 'Menu text' for any menu items that have been added.


If you are using a popup on your site, you can change the background, and text colors here.


You can edit the Footer separately to the Header, with settings to choose the 'Background' and 'Text'.###