Display multiple currencies on your storefront to increase international appeal.


These days, with customers shopping online from around the world, 24/7, making sure you embrace the global market is very important. If a potential customer visits your site from the US and sees all prices displayed in British pounds, they may very likely assume you do not ship to the US and then leave your shop.

However, if a multiple currency dropdown selector is shown as an option on the storefront, this offers reassurance that their needs will be met. Customers can then see all product pricing in a familiar currency and remain on your store to complete the purchase.

Your theme’s built-in currency converter takes full advantage of exchange rates refreshed twice a day at

Rates are auto-updated at 00:00 GMT and 07:00 GMT, however, these updates might be delayed by a couple of hours after their scheduled time.

How do I display multiple currencies on my storefront?

To setup your currency correctly on your storefront, firstly, you will need to head to your Shopify admin area and follow this guide:


Your Shopify admin settings dictate the currency which will be shown at the checkout. The Shopify Platform controls this and is not something which any theme can override. Multiple currencies added to your storefront using your theme’s settings show these prices only for display purposes, until the customer reaches the checkout. When the checkout is reached, the admin area’s default currency is shown.

Once you have completed the above, you can then head to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Theme Settings
  4. Currency



To activate the multiple currency converter, simply toggle the “enable currency converter” checkbox.


This dropdown option simply swaps between showing and hiding the currency code (three letters to identify the currency, recognised internationally). You may wish to display only the numerical value and not the the currency code, or the numerical value as well as the currency code. Both of these options are catered for here.

Without currency code:

With currency code:

Supported currencies

Here, you can manually add which currencies are supported in your dropdown list. You simply need to add in the three uppercase letters which represent your chosen currencies, for them to display on your store.

You can find the list here:

Separate your codes with a space and remove any codes for currencies you do not wish to be shown.

Here is an example:

Settings page:

Storefront representation:

Default currency

Choose a single one of your currency codes from “supported currencies” and add it to your “default currency” field. This will be the default shown when a customer lands on your storefront. Customers can then choose any of the other currencies you have listed, from the dropdown.

You now know how to use multiple currencies on your storefront :-)