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Everything you need to customize the footer of your online store.


The 'Footer' will always be at the bottom of your 'Sections' view.

The 'Payment icons' checkbox will show a list of all enabled payment methods currently on your store. This is generated by the theme, and can't be edited, but it will only use payment methods set out in your Shopify store.

You can add up to 4 'blocks' to your stores footer, and the theme will change the layout to accomomodate whichever blocks you choose to show.


Text allows you to add custom text content to the footer.

You can add a heading, and text, which can include bold and italic using the 'Text' box.


You can choose a custom 'Heading', as well as set which 'Menu' you would like to show in the footer.


You can a text description , which can include bold and italic using the 'Text' box.

Any email address added in will add a 'Customer' to your Shopify dashboard. If you wish to link it up to your favorite email newsletter provider, we recommend checking out the Shopify App store.

Social icons

This block will show all of your social media icons. You can set these in the 'Social media' section, within 'General settings'.