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Everything you need to customize the footer of your online store.


The footer, located at the very bottom of your storefront, is an often overlooked area of a website, however, it is arguably one of the most important components. It can be used to contain crucial things such as links to terms and conditions, returns policies, business address, sizing, accepted payments and so on. These are arguably not the most glamorous pieces of content, but they do in most circumstances need to be present. The footer keeps these things tidy, and may surprise you by its adaptability.

How do I set up my footer on my storefront?

Here is where you can find your footer in your theme Settings:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Sections
  4. Footer


The 'Footer' will always be at the bottom of your 'Sections' view and cannot be moved.


Footer text

Add text of your choice which displays here:

Italic and bold styling, as well as links can be added.

Show payment icons

Once ticked, this checkbox will display, on your storefront, a list of all enabled payment methods currently active in “admin > settings”. The payment icons are generated by the theme and the number of icons shown can't be edited.

Show 'Designed by WeTheme'

Once ticked, this checkbox will display, on your storefront, the “Designed by WeTheme” text


Choose either “left” or “center”.

Left -

Center -


You can add up to 4 content 'blocks' to your store’s footer, and the theme will change the layout to accommodate whichever blocks you choose to show, spacing them evenly using an invisible grid.

Add a block of content:

Choose up to 4 blocks:

Re-order your content blocks by dragging and dropping:

Here is how spacing between content blocks changes depending on the number of blocks used:

4 Blocks:

3 Blocks:

2 Blocks:

1 Block:


Text can be bold, italic and hyperlinked using the selectors shown in the text entry box:

The blocks available to add are as follows:

Newsletter -

Add a newsletter which will have an email entry box automatically applied.

A custom newsletter description can be added in if you wish:

When a customer adds an email address in to this box, it will populate your “customers” list in your Shopify admin area:

Admin > Customers

If you wish to link your “customers” list/s to your favorite email newsletter provider, such as Constant Contact, we recommend checking out Shopify’s help guide on this to learn more:


Text -

Add custom text content to the footer. You can add a heading, and other general text. Italic and bold styling, as well as links can be added.

Social icons -

This block will show all of your active social media icons. You can set these in the 'Social media' section, within Theme settings'.

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Theme settings
  4. Social media

For further information on this, take a look at our dedicated guide:


Image -

Add an image, such as a logo to this content block. The image can be linked and a title can be added too.

Menu -

This allows you to add a vertical stack of links and 'heading' text of your choice to be displayed above the stack.

​1) To create a stack of links called a “menu”, head to:

Admin > online store > navigation

2) Select “add menu” shown at the top right of your screen.
3) Title the menu - call it “footer test” for now if you like.
4) Select “add menu item”
5) Name the link something like “about us” or “terms and conditions”
6) Choose where the link takes the customer
7) Select “add and you’re done

Then head back to your theme's customisation area and select this newly created "block" of links for your footer by clicking “change”, then choosing the “footer test” you just made.

You should see the change visible on your footer.

How can I remove “powered by Shopify”?

You can do this by heading to:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages

You can then search in the box at the top for "powered by Shopify".

It will then bring up result/s where you can edit the text. If you add a "space" (using a single tap of the spacebar) in any of the edit fields and it will then remove the text on the frontend.

Tell me more about my footer, menus and links!

Sure! Here’s a great Shopify guide which should satisfy all your navigational needs: