Direct your visitors to the right collection using Flow's innovative 'Hero' block.

Featured content

The main content of your Hero block can be either an image or a video. Once selected, the options for each are configured below.

Video settings

You can use either YouTube or Vimeo URLS for your featured video. Simply add in the link to your video for it to display, i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9VUPq3SxOc

There are three options for the featured video:

Autoplay - Will play the video on page load.
Loop - Will 'loop' the video infinitely
Mute - Will start the video with no sound

Image settings

You can upload an image, or select from your library, using the 'Image' selector at the top of the section settings.

You can link the image to any page, or web address, by adding an (optional) link in the 'Link' field.

Text advert

There is an option to add a text advert to the right of the featured image/video.

Once 'Enabled' you can set the header, subheader and add an (optional) link.

There is also the option of adding a 'Hover image'. This will show over your featured image/video once hovered over by a visitor.

You can add a menu to the right of the featured image/video by adding blocks to the 'Content' section. You can add:

Text - The text to show as the link
Link - Where you would like the menu item to link to (required)
Hover image - An (optional) image to show over the featured image/video on hover.