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The slideshow is a great place to highlight current collections, offers and news.

There are two options for 'Transition effect'. Slide displays the slides side-by-side, 'sliding' them in from left to right. Fade will fade each image in/out.

You can set the width of the slideshow to either 'Full width', which will display the slideshow the full width of your site, or 'Fixed' which will display the slideshow at the general width of your site.

The 'Rotation interval' sets how long each slide is shown, and works on either the 'Slide' or 'Fade' setting.

You can add slides by clicking the 'Add image slide' button, and delete individual slides by clicking on the block, and clicking 'Delete' at the bottom.

You can add an unlimited amount of slides, but we recommend not exceeding 5/6 to ensure load times are kept to a minimum.


While we recommend all of your individual slides are the same size, these sizes can vary in size based on your individual needs. For reference, most of the demo sites use slides that are 2600 x 1000px. As these are quite large, we recommend optimising all images in Photoshop (or similar) prior to upload.