Add video content to your storefront using a dedicated video section.


Video is possibly one of the best ways to get across your message and provide your customers with a rich, engaging, informative experience.

You can provide a deeper look at your brand’s story or show exciting interviews with past clients who are over the moon with your product / services. You could delve further into your products and how they are produced, or how your level of service is above and beyond that of the competition.

We’re sure you will have many ideas of your own and agree that with video, the possibilities are endless.

How do I create a video section?

You can add your video section here:

  1. Admin
  2. Online store > Themes > Customise
  3. Sections
  4. Choose “Add section”
  5. Scroll down the list and click on “Video”

What options do I have within the video section?

You have a great selection of options, listed here:

Color scheme

Choose a look for your video section.

Minimal: Features a plain white, clean design.
Light: Shows a very light shade of grey.
Feature: Pulls in colors from your theme’s customised colors settings.
Dark: Displays a more subdued look.


Add your heading text here.


Add an optional description to your video, along with bold, italic and linked text.


This changes how wide your video displays on your storefront.

100% - Full width of your site:



Video URL

Add the source of your video here.


The video source / URL supports Vimeo and YouTube only.


Toggle the checkbox to enable / disable autoplaying of the video when the storefront first loads.


Mobile browsers are trying very hard to stop any autoplaying of videos on websites. We have some basic code that asks the browser to autoplay when this is selected, but if this it overwritten by browser settings, we can't 'force' it to autoplay.


Choose whether you would like the video to restart and play again from the beginning when the clip finishes.


Toggle whether the video plays with sound on or off.


This can be overridden by a viewer once they are watching the video, by clicking the speaker icon on the video itself:


This area allows you to choose a picture to be shown, as a backup, if for any reason the video itself cannot be displayed.

Overlay opacity

Adjust the slider to select a value between 0% and 95% and alter the overlay opacity to suit your needs.

Enjoy using the video section on your storefront and presenting great content to your customers :-)